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 So, this is how it all works... 

Social Good Orchestrators (SGO's) create Donation Registries

It's our mission to empower social good orchestrators to increase their donations in the digital age and create a more fulfilled world. 

Donors choose a cause that you support

We're making it easier than ever to find organizations that are collecting goods. Search from our list of causes and see what resonates with you the most! 

Donors have the ability to buy an item directly from that list

We curate donation lists based on the information that we receive from the organization. Now instead of just giving money, you decide the exact item that you want to give. 

That donation item gets shipped directly to the beneficiary

Organizations set their preferred delivery options. We recommend all automatically forward the donations to the beneficiaries, but some cases call for the organizer to collect and distribute the goods themselves. 

 Platform Fees 

Full disclosure, the price of the donation includes a 10% "platform fee".  

Meaning, For every $10 you contribute, $1 of that will go towards helping this platform continue to do Goodr. The money will support payroll, maintenance, and server fees that we incur on our side. 


We want to be 100% transparent and you deserve to know exactly where your donation goes. 

Our Community

It is our goal to create a community of Social Good Orchestrators...

Who have one common mission in mind: do more good. The community we envision brings SGOs together so that they might help one another in their individual and organizational journeys. 

The Goodr platform is meant to empower SGO's to make an impact by creating the most transparent and fastest way to get goods to the doorstep of their beneficiaries in the most transparent manner, but it takes a village! 

So, help one another out, share your experiences, and let us know how we can make Goodr better! 

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