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We're on a mission to empower change-makers

to drive worldwide progress.

All it takes is one inspired individual to change someone's world. or "Goodr" is a platform where anyone can do just that with more transparency than ever before. 

Big or small. A few or all. If nothing else, your donation has the power to build awareness and inspire others to help. You now have more choice than ever on the impact you would like to make.


Goodr gives more clarity on where your money is going – in fact, you get to choose the exact item and will know when it gets there!

"How Might 

  We Help?"


Our culture based on one question... "How might we help?" it inspires people to be apart of something bigger than themselves and cultivates creativity and collaboration and keeps the conversation moving on issues that need to be solved.


We're looking to grow! 


Founded in 2020 amid COVID-19 Pandemic. So yeah, we're new, but are moving goods quickly!

How It All Started
From Founder, DeLovell Earls

"In January of 2020, my sister and her friends were organizing a Homeless Drive where they would meet at their old high school and collect items like socks, blankets, hats, and food to pass out the goods at a park in the downtown area. 

My mom told me the story of men being moved to tears out of happiness as my sister passed out the donations. Not my proudest moment as a big brother as I couldn't be there to support her, and because I couldn't be there... I couldn't donate. I wanted to though, and I just imagined how many more people felt just like me. People who wanted to donate something that couldn't be there. What if anybody, anywhere could donate items to donation drives? 

From that, Goodr Giving was born! "

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