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Donation Registries for Social Good Orchestrators. 

Goodr is repackaging the donation drive experience

Maximize Donations. Automate Transparency. Elevate the Donor Experience


We've established a new approach for organizations and other social good orchestrators (SGO's) to apply in the effort to increase digital contributions through web-based donation registries. 


Goodr is an easy-to-use system that eliminates the need for money pooling, shopping, and distribution of goods. By alleviating much of the time-consuming administrative work, Goodr empowers SGOs to deliver goods to the people that need them the most without delay. 


With Goodr's beautifully crafted registry platform, you will have the ability to inspire more giving, reach a broader audience, and drive impact faster.

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This Platform would be revolutionary for Non Profits


Amber Coté
Colorado Non Profit Association

I can't tell you how much time this

will save me and my volunteers! 


Terrell Brown
President, Hillside Connection 501(c)3 

A better donation drive experience awaits!

Tall Mountain

Build your donation registry in seconds.

Weave it into your website.

Seamless transparency is the name of the game! We want to give you the ability to build your necessary list of goods using any third-party online retailer.


Your registry can easily be integrated into your website with these simple steps: 

  • Copy and paste the URL associated with the item you would like donated.

  • Include the quantity of that item you would like to receive.  


Now, donors can stay right on your website to donate the goods you need!


Share with the world. 

Drive more goods.

This is mindblowing: 58% of people prefer to give online, yet only 10% of donations come through online sources!


That's why our mission is to bring donation drives to the digital world. 


Every registry page is optimized for both mobile and desktop, allowing you to connect with more people and drive significantly more physical goods donations through mobile devices.

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Automate logistics.

Enhance donor relations.

Here's the best part, you can set up your drive so that you don't have to handle a single donated item. That's right, pure magic!


We leverage the logistical systems that are already in place at the third-party retailer site. We simply let them know where the goods are going, and they get them there.


You, the donors, and the beneficiary will be notified during the shipping process, all while maintaining the privacy of both the donor and beneficiary!


Once the donation is received, you and the recipient will have the ability to give a "thank you" to the donor where personalized messages can be made.

A better donation drive experience!

Here's the best part. You can set up your drive so that you don't have to touch a single donated item. That's right, pure magic! 

We leverage the logistical systems that are already in place at the third-party retailer. We simply let them know where the goods are going, and they get them there. 

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A better donation drive experience!

A better experience for you, your volunteers, your donors, and your beneficiaries. We know first-hand how much work goes into a donation drive, and we want to alleviate the headaches and shortcomings that come along with organizing and running a successful drive. 

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Avid Problem Solver. Air Force Academy Graduate.  Big Brother. Coach. Social Impact Entrepreneur.

DeLovell Earls
Founder, Goodr Tech Co.

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